Dame Nature: My teacher!

My Wet Happy Me!

Yesterday was a rainy day here in Germany, it didn´t stop all day and so obviously the sky didn´t give a crap about the fact that I needed to walk my dog and would have appreciated to stay dry.

But as always, there was a beauty to it!

Nobody except me (and a few fellow dog walkers) was crazy enough to go into the woods and do one hour of soaking wet walk. The area is so big that I didn´t meet a soul. I just know that I am not the only one there by the number of cars in the car park !!!

So it was basically one hour of being alone, getting drenched to the bones. Me, my dog, my woods, my music and the rain… My happiness!!

These daily walks in the woods are like a guilty break in my day, a moment that only belongs to me and where I have no control over what is going on in the world or in my world. And, I am very often at the mercy of the weather !

All I can do is to be present and accept!

I have so many aha moments during my walks because I take the time to reflect, to think and decide without distraction. Nature is so inspiring, observing the seasons brings awareness of the circle of time.

It is often a reflection, a mirrored image of what we are going through in life.

In June, we had a big storm and so it was dangerous to go for a few days. When the weather calmed down, I went straight away as I love observing the changes it brings to the order of Nature. I always wonder: why did that tree fall? Why in that direction? Did it fall alone or take many trees with him? … LOTS of questions !!!

At that time, I was doing a lot of works to prepare for my change of career and I had to overcome a lot of fears, challenges and incertitudes … and as many times, the woods gave me this metaphor:

Sometimes we are facing a problem. It is here; it exists, and it is not only in our head, but we soon realise that we will overcome it. We just have to make this extra effort, like with this tree where I just had to lift my feet higher to pass over. The tree is here, but I also see the rest of the way, so I can manage it alone.

Sometimes the tree is bigger, not so easy to pass over. The way forward is still visible, but overcoming the first tree means facing another one standing. And yet, a small crack appears in the first tree, so if I navigate carefully, I can overcome the problem. It takes more time, more thinking, more strategies.

Other times, people pave the way for you. They encounter the problem long before you and they found a solution, a way around and so you don´t think twice, you follow their leads.

The issue is still here, but it doesn´t stop the progress. (I looked at this positively. I know we can also see it as “avoiding the issue and walking around it as if it didn´t exist”)

Sometimes the tree is so large, high and overwhelming that you can´t see the way forward anymore. It is scary and confusing and even if you know that there IS a way forward; the unknown is stopping you to progress, to advance in your project. You know that you will have to go “out of your way” to make it.

Difficult to do alone!! That is when you ask for help, when a coach/therapist can help you navigate. (in that instance, I relied on my dog to find the way because he knew what to do !!😂😂)

And finally, you have these times where there is no way out, where even your dog looks at you and says (or bark!!): “are you kidding me? I am not walking in that mess!😤”

And you know it is time to make a 180° and look in another direction, find a new way because it is a dead end!!!

I adored that walk, that life lesson the woods gave me.

I have been looking at everything I faced these last 3 months differently, health-wise, work-wise, family-wise. I compare any obstacles to the trees and decide the way to go.

I surrounded myself with people who are guiding me when the tree is too big and I also did a few 180° to start again and try something else.

Go! Go and walk in any place Dame Nature offers you: woods, beach, mountains… She will always teach you something if you are willing to look and listen and if you are prepared to receive!

Sincerely, Lyvy 🙂

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