Totally ungrateful and yet so rewarding !

I wanted to say that soooo many time!! 😂😂

This past month, I didn´t write.

I started this blog because I wanted to have a project that was mine, not related to being a mother, a wife, a school volunteer, just something for me.

And yet I spend the month of June, doing just the opposite!!!

I spent the month of June being “a school volunteer” !

Organising the transfer of the school’s 2nd Hand uniforms shop that I managed alone the whole year from home and handing it over to a new team (kids are in an international school, hence the uniforms!). It sounds easy like this but it actually took a looooot of meetings and emails and discussions and negotiations …

Organising a “primary graduation party” for my 11 year-old daughter and her classmates. I was one of the class representative.

Creating an End-of year book. Nobody asked me to do it but yet, I thought it would be great for the kids to look back at their hope for the future and their memories of this special year.

Preparing presents and cards for all the adults who played a role in the kids’ life this year for both my daughter and my son classes. Yep … I was a class rep for both … not funny otherwise!!😂

And in the middle of all of it, Hubby restarted going away for work, I helped the kids with their end-of-year project (I painted a galaxy, I would let you know!! 🎨) and of course, I had to deal with constant pain …

I really enjoyed doing all of it (well, not the pain obviously!! 🥴), That is not the issue at all.


I never really wanted to be a stay-at-home mum. I respect the parents doing it and I admire the people who found great joy in it, but I’ve always known it was not for me.

Our departure to Singapore threw me in that role, and it was so hard at first. I can honestly say that it took me about 9 months to accept the situation. (I never expected that I would not work over there … after all nurses can work anywhere … Yeah well, not true AT ALL! 😤)

My Halloween display in the school library!

It was hard for me to accept, but it was also hard for other people to understand how I could not enjoy not working or I was not willing to do something else. I heard it all: Teach French, volunteer, write a blog, be a school nurse!! But when all you want to do is being an ICU nurse, it takes a lot to look around and see other opportunities.

Yet, I ended up volunteering in the school. I needed to stay active and have projects. After a few months, I discovered that I actually liked it. I managed a team of a few mums on different activities and had free rein to express my creativity.

When we moved to Germany, my hopes were high that the stay-at-home-mum role would be temporary. I just had to learn the language, pass the exams required for my diploma to be recognised and I would be a nurse again …

In the meantime, I thought I could carry on volunteering: I was a gymnastic coach-assistant for 6 months, vice chair of the Parents Teacher Organisation for a year then manager of the 2nd-hand shop and events organiser (not so easy in a pandemic time!!), still in the school.

And because I don´t like doing things half-way, I really put myself into it. Between the school projects and my studying, I was working full time … without receiving a penny or a thank you!! 😂

Because that is the thing with volunteering in a school … parents expect a lot from the parent organisation but most of them don´t want to be involved, yet they want a community spirit. Again, most of them are quick to notice the wrong but are yet to acknowledge the amount of work behind each event (in person or online).

My friend and I, we organised the graduation party from scratch: kids’ presents, teachers presents, speeches, music playlist, art piece that will stay in the school, making sure that everybody had their corona test … All of it!!

From 23 kids in the class, we received a thank you from 4, maybe 5 parents!! they didn´t realise that without us and the 2 teachers, there would have been no party!

So, as I said, totally ungrateful job!!

But yet, so rewarding on a personal level because I learned so much about my capacity to manage projects, on my abilities to have a decision-making role (as a nurse I was mostly in a following-orders role). I also received valuable feedback from my team that I will use in my next role.

And the most important was that my kids enjoyed having me involved, always encouraging me and looking forward to see what ideas I will come up with!

But last week, I handed over my volunteer cap☺ … for a while anyway.

I am moving to my next role!

I signed up to a course to be certified as an end-of-life Doula … a grateful AND oh-so-rewarding job … I can´t wait!🤗🤗

Sincerely, Lyvy 🙂

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