back pain … You Evil !

Me! except that I can´t lie down on my front! It hurts too much! 🤣

The last 7 days have been hell for me health-wise!

I suffer from 2 very different chronic illnesses but both impact my daily life.

The first one is Food allergy syndrome. It is not very known under that name but basically I’m allergic to a LOT of food. It can give me terrible stomach pain and I have a high risk of having an anaphylactic shock. My last episode was last Monday!😩 I will talk more about that another time.

The second one is chronic back pain. This pain drives me bonkers!!! Not that I enjoy the stomach pain when my body doesn´t agree with what I eat but still … back pain takes over everything!

I am now day 4 of being bedridden. I know I should keep moving, walk a little every day. But I am at that stage where going to the toilets feels like doing a marathon !

Never did a marathon, but I guess it is tiring ! 🤣

By the time I’m in the toilets, I look at them and curse the person who decided the height of them … Why so low? Why?😭

Going from standing to sitting feels like someone is stabbing you with hundreds of needles and taking a real pleasure at it!😵

Never been stabbed, but again I guess it hurts !😫

And then, you are here… so glad you managed to hold on and do your business in the right place and not in your pants …. and suddenly you want to cry because you will have to bl**dy get up !

So yeah, going to the toilets at the moment is an adventure who is draining my energy big time!

Back pain is complicated. Between 60 to 70% of the population suffer from it and yet, it is unique to each individual and more often than not; you feel very alone in your distress.

You have the acute back pain episode, which means that out of nowhere you have a lot of pain. But no worries … it should be fixed in about 6 weeks time… easy peasy! 🤣 It may be the longest 6 weeks of your life, but who cares ?!

Then you have the chronic back pain that can be divided in two !

The one where you are in pain ALL the time and the one where you have acute episodes!! so confusing!!

It means that you have an underlying condition … like me: Disc herniation between L4 and L5. It means that I can go weeks or months with coping super well and then BANG! God only knows what I did to deserve a reminder that the hernia is still here.

But no worries … each episode should only takes between 6 to 12 weeks to recover if I am to believe all the medical studies I read about LBP (Lower Back Pain)

(so if you have 3 or 4 episodes per year and taking 3 months to recover each time, you are screwed!)

No big deal, right ??? well YES, BIG DEAL !!

Because the nice weather is finally here and I am in my bed.

Because the covid is finally giving us a little break and we could go out but Noooo, I can´t walk.

Because I carefully planned my summer … three weeks road trip! not manageable with a messed up back, thank you very much.

Because I finally restarted running and was progressing well. Each time I have to restart training from scratch.

Because I can´t walk my dog and I miss my woods like crazy.

Because I had to look into my boy´s little face this morning and told him that the plans we made this weekend for his birthday will be cancelled if mummy can recover in the next 48 hours.

So yeah BIG DEAL, you Evil!!!! (I am just a tiny bit angry and frustrated, sorry! 🤬🤬🤬)

Sincerely, Lyvy 🙂

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