Expatriation: 2. Why?

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For 18 years now, I have been an expat and I still don´t know the answer to this question.

Why did I one day choose this life?

I don´t remember getting up one morning and standing in front of the mirror and saying: “Ok, today, you become an expat!”

I didn´t plan for months in advance.

And I don´t recall ever thinking: “When I am older, I will travel, live abroad and raise kids who speak English better than me!”

It just … happened. And it still does!

Fortunately, other people looked for the answer! 😏

Internations came up with this infographic that I find quite interesting. From their study, there is 10 types of Expat who are predominant:

  1. The foreign assignee: ” I was sent here by my employer”
  2. The career expat: “I found a job here on my own”
  3. The foreign Recruitee: “I was recruited by a local employer”
  4. The (ex-) student: “I moved here in order to go to school or uni”
  5. The travelling spouse: “I moved for my partner’s job” …THAT´S ME!!! 😂
  6. The romantic: “I moved for love”
  7. The family expat: “I moved for family reasons”
  8. The “single destination” expat: “I wanted to live in this particular country and I found a job here on my own”
  9. The “greener pastures” expat: “I move for a better quality of life and I simply enjoy living abroad”
  10. The Globetrotter: “I love travelling and simply enjoy living abroad”

When I am reading this now and I look back on the last 18 years, I guess I started as a Romantic, who transformed into a Travelling spouse and is now a Globetrotter !😁

And you?

If you were to become an expat, what would be your “Why”?

If you are an expat, what was your “Why” at first?

Sincerely, Lyvy 🙂

2 thoughts on “Expatriation: 2. Why?

  1. I am number 1, but for me, it was really planned.
    I studied abroad and I was too young to come back to France, I was looking for a job anywhere but not in France.

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