Mother´s day !

4 little eggs who hatched on Mother’s Day … in my husband’s bike helmet!!!!
(photo credit @mrslyvystar)

Yesterday, here in Germany and like in a lot of other countries, we celebrated the famous “Mother’s Day!”.

I always had such a weird relationship with that day. I didn´t hate it, but I didn´t love it as well. I was ok to celebrate it with my kids, but I didn´t want to make a fuss about it as well.

Except for the “Noodle necklace”, the “top-of-the-art” poem or drawing from school, I don´t remember celebrating that day at home as a child. That may be why it was not so important to me, and also maybe because I always heard it was “all commercial anyway” !!🙈😉

But then I had my kids and to this day, they are so excited to do something that we plan a good meal; I ask for a special dessert and they go shopping with their dad, spending their “hard earned” pocket money!

This year, however, it took a different meaning for me and I think I will always look at it with fresh eyes. I decided that instead of my kids celebrating ME (well; I am not against flowers and chocolate! let’s not push it!!), I will be the one celebrating having kids. I know I should do it every day but I am a mother every day and yet; it appears that we need a day to celebrate that !!!

This came to me while I was doing my morning Gratitudes, (something I do every day about everything and anything). I was thinking about my friend who lost her 22 years-old boy last month in a car crash and about this post from a blog I follow (NOTQUITEOLD).

Mother’s Day is such a painful day for them. Mother’s Day is painful for so many people; the women without kids, the kids without moms, the mothers who lost their child, the children who lost their mom …

So I know now that, on Mother’s Day, I will focus my gratitudes on the fact that I am really lucky to be a mother and that I am really lucky that I can hold them and cuddle them. I will take a step back and enjoy even more everything they have to give me that day … even if it is tears and screaming because they fight over who should give me my presents!!! 🤦‍♀️ (yep, that happened!! 😂).

I will feel lucky indeed to celebrate Mother’s Day !

Sincerely, Lyvy 🙂

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